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Welcome to Pandora selection

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The official release date for this collection is the 1st June, so just a little pandora jewelry box, stores in North America often receive new collections a couple of weeks early. True to fashion, I’ve been told that stores in the US & Canada can expect the new Summer jewellery to arrive around the 15th of May! Which is nicely in time for the spend & save promo in the US (see news item below).

Today’s post brings an updated on the scheduled May 2017 mini-release pandora charms uk, which included two new open bangle designs and three new colours of the pretty Encased in Love charms. I first posted about them back in my April news-round up, noting that they were officially due out on the 11th May.

Now, the first thing to note is that these are not actually my muranos – they are two that I bought for a friend of mine in the US who couldn’t pandora beads sale uk, and she very kindly allowed me to photograph them for review before I package them up for her. I personally went for the purple Field of Flowers murano, and will be getting the pink as well – but only because the blue doesn’t fit with any of my current bracelet projects. It is stunning – as you shall see! ^^

As the UK celebrates Mother’s Day earlier than many other regions, we are lucky enough to get a portion of the Pandora Mother’s Day collection early every year. This year, the pandora charms sale see a select number of the new beads on the 23rd February – the rest of the world will have to wait until April as usual. The mini-release will most probably include the limited edition Mother’s Day bangle for this year, along with a celebration of the more explicitly maternal beads and this year’s limited edition Mother’s Day charm.

The values might be the same as those of previous collections, but there are a few pandora bracelet uk styles of beads for this season’s Essence collection – included in this set of charms are two dangles, a first for the Pandora Essence line, and a pavé Essence spacer!

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