Glenn Fleishman über Apple-Propleme

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Glenn Fleishman über Apple-Propleme

Ungelesener Beitragvon LoBu » 13.01.2015, 06:54

Interessant und wahr. Auch als eingefleischter Mac-User darf man das mal kritisch anmerken. iPhoto und Aperture fehlen da auch nicht in der Aufstellung. ... eds-to-fix

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Re: Glenn Fleishman über Apple-Propleme

Ungelesener Beitragvon Hanibal49 » 13.01.2015, 13:22

We can probably agree. I have a pending problem with Apple as the Contacts do not synchronize properly over the cloud in Yosemite. It works perfectly with all our iOS devices and it worked perfectly with Mavericks. I reported this in late november last year. I simply can not work properly any more as I am missing many, many addresses under Contacts. Apple behaves as if their products were Play Stations.

From Apple Support I got pieces of Software/Apps that I had to run and had to send back files that that program generated. Almost 2 months later now the problem is still not solved and Apple confirmed to me that other users have the same issues.

I have swapped to Yosemite as in Forums many users claimed that the new OS is safe and we could go for it without any danger. And how wrong that assumption was. My learning is to be very, very careful with any update fro Apple. And even worse: I do not need one single new function of Yosemite. It was a big mistake to upgrade.

And when I read that text that was posted above I am fully confirmed that we have a big problem with Apple.

Still a remark re Aperture: The fact that that piece of Software is still sold might be a sign, that there will be an Upgrade path to Photos on Yosemite after all. Or is this a very naive assumption?

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