Salomon have big change for the outsole

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Salomon have big change for the outsole

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The salomon speedcross 3 damen sale has been around for a long time . In fact, we reviewed the shoe way back in 2012 and since then the shoe has remained largely unchanged – if it a’int broke, don’t fix it. This year however, Salomon has decided to update the extremely popular trail running shoe and so today we’re going to look at the 2017 Speedcross Pro.

The outsole of the salomon schuhe günstig kaufen is and always has been a pretty straightforward setup with 6mm deep, chevron-shaped lugs that are directionally arranged to account for ascending and descending. One of the issues with the lugs on the Speedcross 3 is that the perimeter lugs were cutoff when the rubber of the outsole ended, leaving only a portion of the full chevron behind on the edge. “What’s wrong with that?”

You might ask, well, this means that the structure of the lug is compromised as well as reducing the amount of rubber in what are typically high-abrasion areas. So, these partial lugs would wear more quickly than the rest of the outsole and the performance of the shoe could be sacrificed. However, in the 2016 salomon speedcross 4 damen this problem has been addressed by making some almost imperceptible changes to the lug layout which now consists of only full lugs.

Another big change for the outsole of the salomon schuhe damen sale which escapes the naked eye is the updated Contagrip rubber used. This new rubber is Salomon’s “mud & snow Contagrip” . On wet surfaces, this stuff is markedly changed from its predecessor and the amount of grip is truly impressive. I’ve certainly given this shoe the business on dry terrain and the grip there is extremely solid but on wet ground, particularly rocks, this material shines.

I’ve got to admit that when I see something as luggy as the salomon schuhe herren outlet , I’m quite skeptical of its durability. However, color me surprised with just how well this shoe has done. With about 60 miles on it there’s very little wear to speak of. Impressive to say the least.

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